【About NAACC】
Introduction of the National Accountant Assessment & Certification Centre (NAACC)
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  National Accountant Assessment & Certification Centre was formed in August 2001, the mission of which is organizing National Accountant Certification Examination and assessing the accountants. The concrete duties of NAACC are as follows: setting the rules, regulations and schedules for the examination, organizing the examination registration, setting the questions for the examination, lead the national examination grading work, organizing the compilation of the textbooks, identifying and assessing the accountants, making institutional innovation in the accountant assessing system and leading the flow and employment of accountant talents.

  Since the establishment, the NAACC is devoted to discovering, training and assessing of Chinese accountant talents, whose aim is to be open, fair, practical and innovative. The NAACC makes a lot of contribution to the construction of economy of China and the development of accounting career.



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